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We believe sexual wellness matters. We believe that the tools of sexual wellness contribute to healthy minds and healthy bodies. We believe sexual wellness is as normal as eating and drinking. 


What Moves Us.

So it follows that the tools for intimacy need to be normalised. No ‘dirty little secret’, just out in the open normalcy! Does that sound like your last visit to a vibe store? Ours neither….

Let’s lighten the mood as a community, discover new ways to be intimate, share what we feel comfortable sharing and ultimately focus on our own journeys to happier lives.

Don’t get us wrong! We are not starting our own TED talk to change deeply indoctrinated attitudes towards sexual wellness en masse, we are just doing our part to help you explore the tools of intimacy for yourself – so you could say we are helping to change attitudes one person at a time.

We have a feeling that if enough people took us up on our proposal, those negative attitudes would change REAL quick after that. But that’s not our fight, putting the right device in your drawer is. 


sexual health


Sexual Empowerment. A Superpower?

The term ‘sexual empowerment’ sounds a bit cliché, all-encompassing and otherworldly. After all, we’re humans, not super heroes. Why not help us find a simpler way to create better intimacy without slapping a buzzword name on it?  

Let’s start with the basics. Pick out a personal massager that appeals to you, experience how it contributes to your sexual wellness and maybe even share it with someone special. Now that’s a superpower we can get behind (or on top of).

Body positive means body safe.

It’s important to us that all of our products must be body positive, discreet and respectful of other people. We reckon there is no reason not to own your own device, and when they are effective and made well, they make great tools for exploring intimacy.

Keeping it safe means no cheapies allowed. Too many stores supply cheap devices made from toxic materials like TPR/TPE & latex, vinyl, phthalates, jelly rubber, PVC. We choose our products carefully, including quality testing to ensure they do the intended job, but just as importantly, we make sure they are made of quality and hygienic materials that keep our customers satisfied and safe.

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